Night Security Guard Houston, TX

Whether it’s a residential property, office building, industrial facility, or any other venue, it goes without saying, crime can happen at any time, day or night. Therefore, it is necessary to have an overnight security guard to deter those seeking to harm you or your property. However, since night security entails numerous factors, it is essential to work with a security agency that understands the complexities involved.

Overnight Patrol Services

Unfortunately for businesses and residential properties, criminals mostly choose to act at night. Whether it’s an act of vandalism, trespassing, burglary, or even acts of violence, anything can happen after dark. For this, our overnight security guards rely heavily on their ability to provide mobile patrols to take criminals by surprise.

Armed Security

For a night security guard to ensure all goes well, it’s sometimes necessary to be armed. This is especially true when guarding expensive equipment at an industrial facility or priceless treasures at a museum. For these situations, the officers need to be well-trained in firearms and exhibit sound judgment to prevent crimes. Our night guards at State Patrol Services receive extensive training to handle assignments like these. They also undergo detailed background checks, aptitude, and drug tests to ensure clients receive the best security services.

Overnight Security
Armed Security Officers

Prior Experience

Since nighttime security offers various types of challenges, our officers at State Patrol Services possess prior military or civilian law enforcement experience. With this experience, they are not only trained in surveillance, firearms, patrol techniques, and other related areas, but are also aware of many situations similar to those they may encounter when providing overnight security.

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