Video Monitoring Services Houston, TX

Protect your family, staff, property, and other sensitive assets with a comprehensive video surveillance system that not only records around-the-clock activity but enables you to track what is happening in real-time. State Patrol Services provides video monitoring and installation services all over Houston.

A smart commercial and residential video surveillance system takes protection one step further by not only protecting what matters most but integrating with the rest of your security system to send you push notifications when specific activity occurs. Simply reacting to an unwanted activity like burglary is in the past. Upgrading to a smart, proactive surveillance system can help detect troubles before they happen.


Remote surveillance enables you to keep an eye on your property even when you are not there. Using an integrated security platform, you can see important activity happening in or near your business, school, or government building around the clock.


We recommend using only the highest-quality hardware when installing a video monitoring system that fits your needs. Camera types include dome, box, fisheye, long-range, and more, so that you always receive the most comprehensive surveillance for your surroundings.

Video Surveillance

Legal Protections

If you are not protecting your own home, business, school, or government building with a proper surveillance system, it won’t be easy to find an insurance company willing to cover you.

Avoid loss of insurance coverage and potential service terminations by installing and maintaining a robust video surveillance system. This will not only show that you care about the safety of your family, employees, and customers but that you are willing to invest in what matters most.

If you are ready to protect your Houston residential and commercial properties with video monitoring systems, contact State Patrol Services today. We will help you find a monitoring solution that best accommodates your security needs.